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Acquisitions and Access

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Liv Brenna Brenna, Liv Spesialbibliotekar +47 23074426 Library, Alma, Cataloguing
Picture of Pål Magne Dahlquist Dahlquist, Pål Magne Head Librarian +47 40489009 40489009 Library, Purchasing
Picture of Tabea Glass Glass, Tabea Hovedbibliotekar +47 22854785 Library, E-journals, Journals
Picture of Vibeke Oseth Gustavsen Gustavsen, Vibeke Oseth Spesialbibliotekar +47 22845765 Library, E-journals, E-books, Databases, Purchasing
Picture of Øystein Haug Haug, Øystein Senior Librarian +47 22844567 Library, E-journals, Journals, Databases, E-resources, Humord, Subject heading indexing
Picture of Karoline Kornkveen Hoff Hoff, Karoline Kornkveen Spesialbibliotekar +47 22844236 Library
Picture of Berit Sonja Hougaard Hougaard, Berit Sonja Hovedbibliotekar +47 22855102 Library, Subject heading indexing, Acquisition, Humord
Iversen, Edel Camilla Hovedbibliotekar +47 22859782 Library, Journals
Picture of Mari Lundevall Lundevall, Mari Head Librarian +47 22859886 Library, Cataloguing
Picture of Carl Andre Nesheim Nesheim, Carl Andre Førstekonsulent +47 22854141 Library, Periodicals
Picture of Ulrikke Greve Olufsen Olufsen, Ulrikke Greve Rådgiver +47 22859185 Library, E-journals, E-books, Databases, Purchasing
Picture of Irene Refsland Refsland, Irene Spesialbibliotekar +47 23074473 Library, E-books, E-journals, E-resources, Journals
Picture of Lasse Skage Skage, Lasse Spesialbibliotekar +47 22852195 Library, Alma, Acquisition, Library guidance
Picture of Åsmund Skomsvold Skomsvold, Åsmund Librarian +47 22844224 Library, Acquisition
Picture of Ida Maria Zaborowski Zaborowski, Ida Maria Hovedbibliotekar +47 22855266 Library, Acquisition, Reference, E-books, Alma, Purchasing
Picture of Aina Øie Øie, Aina Rådgiver +47 22844203 Library, E-books, E-journals, Databases, Purchasing