Birgit Hvoslef Dahl

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Phone +47 22845692
Mobile phone +47 99702002
Room 4221
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 39 Georg Sverdrups hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1085 Blindern Blindern 0317 OSLO

Tasks performed

  • Commmunication tasks
  • Teaching UX for Libraries, user experience and development, read more at
  • Web and information
  • Social Media, the librarys account on facebook, twitter, instagram 
  • Graphic design and supervising the use of UiOs design manual in the library.
  • Events and ceremonies (coordinator and adviser)
  • Library promotional and gift items


  • Senior librarian in the Information and Instructional Services Section, Humanities and Social Science Library, University of Oslo Library
  • Librarian and public relations officer at the National Library of Norway
  • Librarian at Lillehammer public library.
  • Activity organiser at La Jaupitre, Bretagne, France
Tags: Library, Communication, Internal communication, Management support, Web publishing, Events, Information literacy


  • Dahl, Birgit Hvoslef & Gasparini, Andrea (2018). FRILUXing: the new verb at the University of Oslo Library.
  • Gasparini, Andrea & Dahl, Birgit Hvoslef (2018). Frilux-ing : the new verb at the University of Oslo Library.
  • Gasparini, Andrea & Dahl, Birgit Hvoslef (2018). Å Friluxe: Det nye verbet på UB, UiO.
  • Gasparini, Andrea A.; Dahl, Birgit Hvoslef & Norborg, Kristin Dina (2017). Frilux Branding Design Thinking.
  • Dahl, Birgit Hvoslef; Samuel, Marianne; Pandey, Sumit; Riis, Håvard Kolle & Gasparini, Andrea A. (2016). Can designing services promote cultural changes in academic libraries?.

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