Special Collections and Digitization

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Line Nybakk Akerholt Akerholt, Line Nybakk Academic Librarian +47 22856522 +47 95880018 l.n.akerholt@ub.uio.no Library, Teaching, Alma
Picture of Astrid Anderson Anderson, Astrid Section Manager +47-22857170 astrid.anderson@ub.uio.no Library, Leadership, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, Social anthropology
Picture of Federico Aurora Aurora, Federico Academic Librarian +47 22845533 federico.aurora@ub.uio.no Library, Greek, Latin, Italian, Linguistics, Papyrology, Digital Humanities
Picture of Karen Danbolt Danbolt, Karen Head Librarian +47 22859426 karen.danbolt@ub.uio.no Library, Teaching, Literature search, Loan, Reminder
Picture of Ane Husstad-Nedberg Husstad-Nedberg, Ane Academic Librarian +47 22859162 ane.husstad-nedberg@ub.uio.no Library, Korea, East Asia, South Asia, Teaching
Picture of Jose Maria Izquierdo Izquierdo, Jose Maria Senior Academic Librarian +47 22854749 j.m.izquierdo@ub.uio.no Library
Picture of Øystein Johan Kleiven Kleiven, Øystein Johan Academic Librarian +47 22844239 o.j.kleiven@ub.uio.no Library, Chinese
Picture of Lars Erik Lørdahl Lørdahl, Lars Erik Academic Librarian +47 22844221 l.e.lordahl@ub.uio.no Library, History, Archaeology, EndNote, Photo, Archaeology Library
Picture of Naomi Yabe Magnussen Magnussen, Naomi Yabe Head Librarian +47 22844245 n.y.magnussen@ub.uio.no Library, Japanese, East Asia, Special collection, Digital method
Picture of Randi Cathinka Neverdal Neverdal, Randi Cathinka Academic Librarian +47 22855375 r.c.neverdal@ub.uio.no Library, Information literacy, Literature searches, Courses, Library guidance, Classification, Exhibitions
Picture of Oda Amalie Rosenkilde Rosenkilde, Oda Amalie Senior Librarian +47 22856701 o.a.rosenkilde@ub.uio.no Systems and Media Production, Library, Circulation, Alma, Zotero, Chat