Pål Magnus Lykkja

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Phone +47 22857150
Mobile phone 92886183
Room 2233
Visiting address Humanities and Social Sciences Library Georg Sverdrups hus Moltke Moes vei 39 0851 Oslo

Tasks performed

  • Subject librarian in economics and special needs education
  • Library contact for Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture
  • Assist the researchers with buying books, journals, databases to the University library of Oslo
  • Index and classify books and journals for the library catalog Oria
  • Assist external users, students and researchers to find books, journals and search databases
  • Arrange workshops in information literacy for students and researchers
  • Work at the help desk in the library


  • Ex. phil (philosophy) 1/2 year
  • History 1 year
  • Law 1 year
  • Business, innovation, stratgy, marketing 1/2 year
  • Cand Oecon (Master economics) 5 years
  • Consultant in Aetat 1/2 year
  • Academic librarian in Economics 8 years 
Tags: Library, Economics, Special needs education
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