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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Sima Ansari Ansari, Sima Higher Executive Officer +47 22857161 sima.ansari@ub.uio.no Library, Loan
Picture of Mads Baklien Baklien, Mads Senior Librarian +47 22858633 mads.baklien@ub.uio.no Library, Loan, Library guidance, EndNote
Picture of Iselin Løchen Brente Brente, Iselin Løchen Senior Librarian +47 22854224 i.l.brente@ub.uio.no Library
Picture of Lisette Berger Brunvoll Brunvoll, Lisette Berger Senior Librarian +47 22844268 l.b.brunvoll@ub.uio.no Library
Picture of Magnus Carlstrøm Carlstrøm, Magnus Hovedbibliotekar +47 22844212 magnus.carlstrom@ub.uio.no Library, Loan, Interlibrary loans, Resource sharing, Logistics
Picture of Anna Gunnes Dahlshaug Dahlshaug, Anna Gunnes Sekretær annagd@student.uv.uio.no Library
Picture of Anna Kay Gyldal Gyldal, Anna Kay Higher Executive Officer +47 22857926 a.k.gyldal@ub.uio.no Library, Loan, Replacement claims
Picture of Karen Hareide Hareide, Karen Sekretær karen.hareide@ub.uio.no Library
Picture of Hilde Kristin Hem Hem, Hilde Kristin Senior Executive Officer +47 22844282 +47 93415280 h.k.hem@ub.uio.no Library, Loan
Picture of Judith Møller Hjelmeseth Hjelmeseth, Judith Møller Secretary j.m.hjelmeseth@ub.uio.no Library
Picture of Ole Martin Hagtvedt Holte Holte, Ole Martin Hagtvedt Sekretær omholte@student.uv.uio.no Library
Picture of Jim Vidding Isaksen Isaksen, Jim Vidding Senior Executive Officer +47 22844840 j.v.isaksen@ub.uio.no Library, Sophus Bugge
Picture of Sofie Johannessen Johannessen, Sofie sofienj@student.uv.uio.no Library
Picture of Glenn Karlsen Karlsen, Glenn Head Librarian - On leave Library, Literature search, Information Literacy, EndNote, Interlibrary loans
Picture of Pål Eiolf Kvarving Kvarving, Pål Eiolf Higher Executive Officer +47 22844233 p.e.kvarving@ub.uio.no Library, Loan, Web publishing
Picture of Anne Grethe Larsen Larsen, Anne Grethe Sekretær annglars@student.ilos.uio.no Library
Picture of Martin Smådal Larsen Larsen, Martin Smådal Senior Librarian +47 22859176 m.s.larsen@ub.uio.no Library
Picture of Miona Lazarevic Lazarevic, Miona Higher Executive Officer - On leave Library, Loan, Events
Picture of Olaf Lie Lie, Olaf Executive Officer +47-22844323 / 94809221 olaf.lie@ub.uio.no Library, Loan
Picture of Pher-Micael Lima-Strandh Lima-Strandh, Pher-Micael Sekretær p.m.lima-strandh@ub.uio.no Library, Analysis, EndNote
Picture of Elise Lystad Lystad, Elise elisemly@student.sv.uio.no Library
Picture of Anita Pedersen Lørdahl Lørdahl, Anita Pedersen Senior Executive Officer +47 22844069 a.p.lordahl@ub.uio.no Library, Web editor, Web publishing, Communication Courses, Loan
Picture of Kamal Mursal Malik Malik, Kamal Mursal Executive Officer kamalmm@student.iakh.uio.no Library, Sophus Bugge
Picture of Nazanin Sadat Neghabat Neghabat, Nazanin Sadat Sekretær nazaninn@student.ilos.uio.no Library, Literature search.Reference, Student assistant
Picture of Turid Olive Næss Næss, Turid Olive Senior Librarian +47 22857554 t.o.nass@ub.uio.no Library, Loan, Literature search