Acquisition and Cataloguing Section

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Merete Bloch Bloch, Merete Senior Librarian +47-22856930 Library
Picture of Pål Magne Dahlquist Dahlquist, Pål Magne Senior Librarian +47-22857165 +47-40489009 40489009 Library, Purchasing
Picture of Tabea Glass Glass, Tabea Senior Librarian +47-22854785 Library, E-journals, Journals
Picture of Vibeke Oseth Gustavsen Gustavsen, Vibeke Oseth Librarian +47-22845887 Library, Cataloguing, Reference work, Acquisition
Picture of Øystein Haug Haug, Øystein Senior Librarian +47-22844567 Library, Teaching, Cataloguing, Humord
Picture of Kari Elisabeth Helliesen Helliesen, Kari Elisabeth Senior Librarian +47-22845887 Library, Sophus Bugge
Picture of Karin Holmen Holmen, Karin Senior Librarian +47-22856723 Library
Picture of Wenche Holte Holte, Wenche Senior Librarian +47-22857164 Library
Picture of Berit Sonja Hougaard Hougaard, Berit Sonja Head Librarian +47-22855102 Library, Literature search, Subject heading indexing, E-books
Picture of Unni Knutsen Knutsen, Unni Section Manager +47-22855673 95777978 Library, Cataloguing, Classification, Bibliographic work
Picture of Anette Munthe Munthe, Anette Head Librarian +47-22844310 +47-99383824 Library, Cataloguing, Alma
Picture of Carl André Nesheim Nesheim, Carl André Higher Executive Officer +47-22854141 Library, Periodicals
Picture of Lasse Skage Skage, Lasse Senior Librarian +47-22852195 Library, Alma, Acquisition, Library guidance
Skomsvold, Åsmund Librarian +47-22855266 Library, Acquisition
Picture of Karin Steffner Steffner, Karin Senior Librarian +47-22857155 Library, Academic supervision
Picture of Elisa Storchi Storchi, Elisa Head Librarian +47-22844329 Library, Cataloguing, Slavic languages, Baltic languages, Classification, Library guidance, EndNote
Picture of Sigve Sørland Sørland, Sigve Senior Librarian +47-22844240 92214590 Library, Cataloguing
Picture of Tor Andreas Torhaug Torhaug, Tor Andreas Spesialbibliotekar (On leave until September 2020) +47 90838177 Library
Picture of Ida Maria Zaborowski Zaborowski, Ida Maria Head Librarian +47-22855266 Library, Acquisition, Reference, E-books, Alma, Purchasing