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Picture of Ellen Christophersen Christophersen, Ellen Head Librarian +47 23074428 ellen.christophersen@ub.uio.no Library, Information literacy, Courses, Literature search, Reference Manager, EndNote
Picture of Hilde I Flaatten Flaatten, Hilde I Senior Librarian +47 23074422 h.i.flaatten@ub.uio.no Library, Literature search, Academic supervision
Picture of Toril Marie Hestnes Hestnes, Toril Marie Senior Librarian +47 22117591 t.m.hestnes@ub.uio.no Library, Literature search, EndNote, Courses
Picture of Nina Marie Høyning Jørgensen Jørgensen, Nina Marie Høyning Senior Librarian +47 23015062 n.m.h.jorgensen@ub.uio.no Library, Literature search, EndNote, Courses
Picture of Gunn Kleven Kleven, Gunn Senior Librarian +47 23074427 gunn.kleven@ub.uio.no Library, Courses, Literature search, Information literacy
Picture of Anne Kolstø Kolstø, Anne Senior Librarian +47 22852123 anne.kolsto@ub.uio.no Library, Information literacy, Courses, Literature search, Loan
Picture of Ivana Malovic Malovic, Ivana Senior Academic Librarian +47 23074471 ivana.malovic@ub.uio.no Information literacy, Critical appraisal, Open Access, EndNote, Literature search, Courses, Teaching
Picture of Therese Skarås Skagen Skagen, Therese Skarås Head Librarian +47 93805142 t.s.skagen@ub.uio.no Library, Administrative management, Information literacy, Courses
Picture of Julie Skattebu Skattebu, Julie Senior Librarian +47 22119264 julie.skattebu@ub.uio.no Library, Literature search, Endnote
Picture of Hilde Strømme Strømme, Hilde Adviser +47 23074423 hilde.stromme@ub.uio.no Library, Literature search, Information literacy, Databases
Picture of Nikolai Vågnes Vågnes, Nikolai Librarian nikolai.vagnes@ub.uio.no Library
Picture of Tarjei Fiskergård Werner Werner, Tarjei Fiskergård Senior Librarian +47 23074479 t.f.werner@ub.uio.no Library, Teaching, Academic supervision, Endnote
Picture of Marte Ødegaard Ødegaard, Marte Senior Librarian +47 23074429 marte.odegaard@ub.uio.no Library, Literature search, Information literacy, Reference Manager, EndNote, Courses, Databases
Picture of Josephine Jeanette Mikaela Aamodt Aamodt, Josephine Jeanette Mikaela Senior Librarian j.j.m.aamodt@ub.uio.no Library, Library guidance, Information literacy, Databases, EndNote