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Digital Scholarship Center

The Digital Scholarship Center Project will build a visible and accessible hub where researchers can get support related to digital research, which can include issues such as data management, digital skill building, and related issues.

Project description

Digitalization has impacted almost every stage of the research process from idea development through to publishing and dissemination. This has led to wide ranging changes in how research is conducted, and the skills researchers need, to produce high quality research. The University of Oslo's recent "Masterplan for IT" (pages in Norwegian) uncovered large differences in digital skills throughout the organization. To continue as a world leading university, UiO needs to be able to support both researchers and students in building the skills they need to work with digital technologies, and understand the challenges that they represent.

The creation of a digital scholarship center will be an important step towards increasing the level of digital skills at UiO and providing researchers with the support they need to adapt to an increasingly digital world. Multiple examples of this type of center can be found in universities internationally with different models and approaches for supporting researchers.

Project goal

The goal of this project is to develop a type of digital scholarship center that is both visible and accessible and can help researches with the following:

  • advice and guidance on digital research processes
  • support the development of digital skills
  • enable researchers to meet with others from different research fields
  • directing researchers to individuals that can help with more complex or advanced issues

To achieve this goal, this center must maintain a solid overview of the services and competencies that exist at the university. The center can then use this knowledge to develop or adapt services to respond to changing needs.


More information is available on our website.

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