About our courses

Every year, The University of Oslo Library (UB) has over 8000 participants at our library courses. There's a big chance that there's a useful course for you as well!

For students

The University Library is part of the overall scientific and educational program offered at the University of Oslo. Most study programs expect you to be able to search scientific literature and scientific sources, use sources ethically, and view different kinds of information critically. Our courses will help you to strenghten your ability to do this. 

Students are offered courses scientifically adjusted to different subjects and study programs at UiO. Under "Courses within Study programs" in our course catalogue you can see if a course is given in connection with your subject or study program.

For researchers and ph.d.-students

The University Library plays an important part in the University's research infrastructure. Through the University Library, students and researchers can access more than 5 million printed and electronic books, more than eighteen thousand printed and electronic journals, and over five hundred databases. An important part of the library's research support is to guide researchers and students in order to give them a general view and the ability to use resources relevant to their work in the most effective way.

As a researcher or ph.d.-student you can use our course catalogue to find relevant courses, or you can contact us to get a tailor-made course fitted to your research situation.

We also have courses open to both students, researchers, other groups at the University in Oslo and to the public. You will find those courses under "Other courses".

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