Carpentry: Training on foundational coding and data science skills

At University of Oslo (UiO), Carpentries workshops based on Software CarpentryData Carpentry, and Library Carpentry lessons are offered to facilitate sharing and re-using of code and data among graduates and researchers from all faculties and units. 

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What can I learn at Carpentries workshops?

Below are major lessons that Carpentry@UiO offers. Workshops are run mainly on-site by one full day (9:00-16:00). All the participants are expected to follow the Carpentries code of conduct

Image may contain: Font, Line.The Unix Shell

Shell speeds up repetitive and tedious processes. It is also essential skills needed to use high-performance computing (HPC) resources.


Image may contain: Font, Text, Line, Symbol, Clip art.Version Control with Git 

Git helps you to keep track of what you've done, for a better collaboration and for yourself in future. In the workshop we use GitHub as well.


Image may contain: Clip art, Font, Line, Material property, Symbol.Programming in Python

Python is now widely used in scientific computing with various powerful packages. Carpentry@UiO runs workshops for participants with no programming experience ("Plotting and Programming in Python" lesson) and for participants at intermediate level ("Programming with Python" lesson, episodes 10-12). 


Image may contain: Font, Clip art, Symbol, Black-and-white, Logo.R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis

R is commonly used for statistical analysis, but it is also a powerful programming language. Workshops on R focuses on teaching best practices for scientific computing: breaking down analyses into modular units, task automation, and encapsulation. Workshops on R may use lessons from Data Carpentry instead.


Image may contain: Clip art, Line, Cylinder.Using Databases and SQL

Databases include powerful tools for search and analysis, and can handle large, complex data sets. The lesson will show how to use a database to explore research data by using SQL.

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Carpentries workshops are coordinated by the University of Oslo Library and run by "Carpentry@UiO" consisting of volunteer instructors and helpers. For more information, visit Carpentry@UiO page.


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