Carpentry@UiO Data Analysis and Visualization in R and Tidyverse (Novices)

Do you work with datasets on a regular basis and want to learn how to work with them in R? Do you want to make nice publication ready plots? Do you know base R already, but want to learn about what this Tidyverse thing is? Or, perhaps you want your team members to learn both R and Tidyverse? Then this workshop is for you and/or your team!

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What is Tidyverse?

“Tidy data” describes the process of tidying data, following a standardized approach, which makes manipulation, exploration, analyses, and visualization easier. “Tidyverse” is a collection of coherent R packages, or tools, with a shared design philosophy. The intention is to make statisticians and data scientists more productive by way of a workflow that facilitates communication and results in reproducible products.  

(Source: What is the tidyverse? | R-bloggers)

What is RStudio? 

RStudio is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) that facilitates statistical modelling as well as graphical capabilities for R. There are two formats: RStudio Desktop, which is a regular desktop application; and RStudio Server, which runs on a remote server and allows you to access RStudio using a web browser.  

(Source: RStudio Tutorial - A Complete Guide for Novice Learners! - DataFlair (

This workshop is:

  • For graduate students and researchers, who:

    • Want to learn to work with datasets in R, but have little or no prior knowledge of it.

    • Already know R, but want to learn to use Tidyverse,

  • For anyone who fits one of the following descriptions and could join us, either as an individual or a team helper:
    • You are an expert programmer in other languages (or base R) and want to learn Tidyverse as a new way of working in R.
    • You are competent with R, and want or need your team members to learn R Tidyverse, but have either little time or confidence to teach it by yourself.


Before the start of the course, you are expected to:

  • Have installed necessary setup as provided in the acceptance email.

  • Abide to the Carpentries' Code of Conduct.

  • Be aware of the fact that this workshop focuses on the basics of Tidyverse in examples and exercises, and is not meant for experienced programmers.
  • Be able to use Zoom (the latest version of Zoom client).
  • Have access to a stable internet connection.

Workshop format

The online workshop consists of sessions in the main room and exercise sessions in breakout rooms:

  • In the main room sessions, instructors will demonstrate how to code. Participants can follow either by doing the same coding on their own computers, or by watching the demonstration only. 
  • Exercise sessions are held in breakout rooms, typically with 5-6 participants per room, plus 1 helper. A helper will facilitate the exercise and check-in with the participant activities. Should anyone encounter a problem, all learners in the breakout room are expected to constructively help each other to solve the issue. 

Modes of participation

There are 3 modes of participation for this workshop:

  • Individual learner: Please choose this option, if you are not teaming up with anyone, or have no or little experience with R. The priority criteria may apply and we cannot accept individual learners from outside of Norway, except students or staff, working at UiO/OUS/Rikshospitalet, who are temporarily staying abroad. 
  • Individual helper: Please choose this option, if you are an experienced R-user and would be happy to help other individual learners. 
  • Team participation: Please choose this option, if you are signing up as a team (typically consisting of 2-7 learners, plus 1 helper) and have at least one team helper who can take the lead. Pick a nice team name and make sure to write the team name in the registration form. The team helper signs up to this option on behalf of his/her team and add team members' information in the registration. As with the "individual learner" mode, we cannot accept team participation from outside of Norway, except students or staff at UiO/OUS/Rikshospitalet, who are temporarily staying abroad.


  • Please click here to register as Individual learner
  • Please click here to register as Individual helper.
  • Please click here to register as a Team / Team helper

Sign-up deadline : 11th May 0:00

After signing up, you will receive an automated email to confirm your registration. A separate email will be sent to those who are offered a seat at the workshop. For individual learners, the number of seats available depend on the ongoing recruitment of helpers and people on the waiting list will automatically be admitted when a seat become available. 

Should we receive more sign-ups by individual learners than our capacity allows, the following priority criteria apply:

  1. Students and staff at UiO/OUS/Rikshospitalet.
  2. Students and staff at other Norwegian research institutes.
  3. Other residents in Norway

Given the above criteria, it is important that you use your institutional email when signing up.

Join the Onboarding Session for Helpers


19th of May, at 1:30pm - 2:30pm (a Zoom-link will be included in the acceptance email).

In this Onboarding Session for Helpers, we will go through what is expected of you as helpers. You will get to know the instructors and get a chance to present your area of expertise. We will review the curriculum and the software installation instructions to prepare for trouble-shooting. We will also go through the Carpentries' Code of Conduct.


If you have any questions related to the installation and testing of the software packages needed, feel free to contact us at:


If you are interested in other Carpentry@UiO workshops, please visit

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