Carpentry@UiO board election 2020

Carpentry@UiO has in the recent period been governed by an interim board. It is now time to elect a new board and below you find an alphabetic overview of the candidates you can vote for. 

Four people are to be elected, in addition, the University Library will have two representatives on the board. The deadline for voting is March 8th at 23.59.

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Overview of candidates

Anne Schad Bergsaker

Senior Engineer, USIT.Image of Anne Scad Bergsaker

Statement of interest: I would like to be on the Board for Carpentries@UiO. I work a great deal with teaching, and with one on one help for researchers when it comes to managing and analysing data. In doing so I see many of the needs that researchers have, and especially how many fields that traditionally worked with qualitative research and did not use or need digital skills, now find themselves with much larger data sets, and a great need to learn many different types of digital skills, preferably as fast as possible. Being part of Carpentry@UiO is a great opportunity to create closer ties between IT at the university and the researchers needing to use those IT solutions. Being on the Board is a chance to push towards creating courses on new topics that I see a need for. Since I now have a permanent position at the university, with teaching data analysis tools already a part of my job, I would very much like to also contribute not only to the teaching of Carpentry workshops but also to the strategic planning for Carpentry@UiO, pushing for more focus on digital skills needed in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in STEM.


I am a certified Carpentries instructor, having completed my training during the summer of 2019. Since starting in my job at USIT in August 2017, I have also taught several introductory and intermediate courses in R and SPSS, though these courses were not through the Carpentries, but still very much in keeping with the pedagogy. From earlier, I have worked as a mathematics teacher in high school and found that teaching really is one of my passions. My background from university is in physics, having a Ph.D. in geophysics. This has given me a solid background when it comes to programming (primarily Python, R, Matlab, C++) and data analysis.

Carpentry contributions

I am a certified Carpentries instructor, so I have completed the instructor training. Since doing so I have been a co-instructor for an introductory R workshop twice, and I greatly enjoyed it.

Tobias Busch

Postdoctoral fellow, Faculty of EducationImage of Tobias Busch

Statement of interest: The Carpentries are a great way to teach scientific computing to researchers from non-technical disciplines, such as social sciences and humanities. I'm interested in promoting courses that are targeted specifically at these audiences. I'm also interested in developing new courses, such as a tidyverse-focused R course, or a data visualization design course.


I have participated in many technology-focused workshops as a participant and created new course material myself (Augmented Reality, Data Visualization Design). I have worked in an international company for over 5 years, where I have picked up some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to interdisciplinary cooperation and collective decision making.

Carpentry contributions   

I have been co-instructor for introductory R courses and helper for Python courses and made small contributions to the Carpentries@UiO Github page. I have created and (co-)instructed two new workshops at the UiO research bazaar ("Data Visualisation Design", "Let's build an augmented reality web app!")

Viviane Girardin

Systems engineer, NIVAImage of Viviane Girardin

Statement of interest: I have been involved with Carpentry@UiO since 2017 while studying environmental toxicology at UiO. Carpentry@UiO was fundamental during my studies, and for that reason, I decided to contribute in return. I see the Carpentries as a great way to learn while sharing knowledge and wish to continue contributing to the success of this project.


Co-instructor/helper at Carpentry@UiO. Scheduled to take the Carpentries instructor course in April 2020. Currently sitting on the Carpentry@UiO Board.

Carpentry contributions

Have been helper/co-instructor in several Carpentry@UiO workshops. Currently sitting on the Carpentry@UiO board.

Pål Magnus Lykkja

Academic librarian, Humanities and Social Sciences Library  Image of Pål Magnus Lykkja

Statement of interest: I am interested in teaching 1) Zotero and 2) Systematic search techniques


Teaching with Zotero since 2008. Taught search since 2002.

Carpentry contributions

Just participant in 7-8 courses.

Lex Nederbragt

Senior Lecturer, Department of BiosciencesImage may contain: Person, Face, Hair, Forehead, Chin.

Statement of interest: Together with Karin Lagesen and the Science Library, I was one of the main initiators of the Carpentry@UiO initiative in 2015. It is great to see how the effort has been growing with the number of instructors and workshops. Now we are taking the next step with the establishment of the first Board of Carpentry@UiO. I would very much like to make this Board a success. We need community involvement in the governing of the effort, to ensure that all involved feel part of something bigger. The Carpentries are looking at organisations like the University of Oslo as we are role models for how local communities can operate. I would bring relevant experience but also a strong desire to share my knowledge and thus create a well-functioning board for the Carpentry@UiO effort.


I have been a Carpentries instructor since 2013 and a trainer since 2016. I taught numerous workshops and instructor trainings, and have been incorporating Carpentries' methods when I teach credited courses. I am a member of the Carpentries Executive Council (the 'Board') since 2018 and have just been re-elected for another two years.

Carpentry contributions

Established Carpentry@UiO together with the Science Library. Taught workshops, but also lessons not part of the standard curriculum. Initiated the 'Writing and Coding Together on the Web Using GitHub' lesson. Helped make The Carpentries a well-recognised training effort at the university. Helped start the interim Board of Carpentry@UiO.

Sabry Razick

Senior Engineer, USIT.Image of Sabry Razick

Statement of interest: I am very much interested in the peer-assisted learning method and the open teaching material so I would like to contribute to the success of Carpentry@UiO.


  1. Contributor to Carpentry@UiO as an instructor, helper and as an interim board member.
  2. Member of the CodeRefinery ( project, where the Carpentries pedagogy style is used.
  3. Organiser of courses for high-performance computer (HPC) system users at university of Oslo for the past 5 years.

Carpentry contributions

Contributor to Carpentry@UiO as an instructor, helper and an interim board member. Instructor at the Nordic Carpentries.






















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