Academic writing for Doctoral Students (SV-faculty)

This two-day workshop will be an opportunity to reflect on central challenges of academic writing, with focus on the process of writing and techniques for producing and organising text.

Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th 2:15 - 5 pm

Are you a person who enjoys writing so much that you struggle to contain your thoughts on paper? Or do you ponder so much over every single word that writing a sentence becomes an effort? Whether you belong to one or the other category, getting to know how you work at your best will be very helpful for completing a doctoral dissertation. This workshop introduces writing theory and practical techniques for producing and organising texts, and is an opportunity to talk about writing with your peers.

In the autumn 2022 the Academic Writing Centre will run the course for doctoral students at the SV faculty during Lynn Nygaard's research leave.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course you will:

  • Have gained insight in writing processes and the strategic use of feedback individually and in groups
  • Be familiar with storytelling in science writing
  • Have tried some techniques for producing and organising text



Two half-day workshops with mini-lectures and group work. Please bring writing material (pen and paper). Participants are welcome to submit drafts and questions in advance, e.g., if they have specific questions that can be part of the session.

Target group

PhD students in the initial phases of their doctoral studies at the SV-faculty.


Ingerid S. Straume, PhD, author and Director of Academic Writing Centre.

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