Python for Scientific Computing (intermediate level)

This online workshop over 4 half days (25 - 28 Oct, 9am-12pm) will be streamed on Twitch and is open for all, so no registration is needed.  


Who this course is for?

This is an intermediate level course/workshop in Python tools such as NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas. It is suitable for those, who already have a basic understanding of Python, but would like to familiarize themselves with some internal and important libraries for science.

Please take some time to read the learner personas to see if the course is right for you. It is highly recommended that you pair up with your colleagues/friends while watching the stream and working on the exercises, so that you can help each other out.

Full course information including prerequisites, practical information, and preparation are found at the Aalto Scientific Computing’s course page. Links and news will be posted there, so please follow the page carefully if you are interested in taking the course.


  • The course page has links to registration pages for different countries. However, following Twitch stream does not require any registration.
  • The full course information at Aalto Scientific Computing page shows Finnish time, which is 1 hour ahead. 10:00-13:00 in Finland is 9:00-12:00 in Norway.
  • Certificates are not provided for this course.


Aalto Scientific Computing in partnership with CodeRefinery and Norwegian Research Infrastructure Services (NRIS).


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Tags: python, Workshop
Published Oct. 14, 2021 1:36 PM - Last modified Oct. 14, 2021 1:36 PM