CodeRefinery online workshop

Join us for the CodeRefinery workshop September 20-22 and 27-29, at 9:00 am-12:30 pm CET, via Zoom or Twitch!

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Course goals

In this course, you will become familiar with tools and best practices for scientific software development. This course will not teach a programming language, but the tools you need to do programming well and avoid common inefficiency traps. These tools are practically a requirement for any scientist that has to do their own programming. The main focus is on using Git for efficiently writing and maintaining research software.


This is an informal and interactive event with type-along lessons, live coding, and exercises. Learners are divided into exercise teams for interactivity - register with a friend! If you feel a bit more confident in the material, you can register as an exercise leader.

The workshop will be held online, see options at how to join:

  • Everyone watches the main teaching via a livestream at If you register, you can get emails and link to ask questions.

  • You can also register to attend our Zoom breakout rooms (limited places), and you will be placed into a small, interactive breakout room. Please only register for Zoom if you want to actively take part in the exercises (read more).

  • Some partners offer in-person breakout rooms and help, see below.

Before signing up please also read this privacy note about tools/services CodeRefinery uses.


If you want to participate actively in the workshop, you can register here.

For more details and schedule, see workshop page.


If you have questions regarding lesson contents and setups, please ask Sabry Razick at USIT via email to


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