Poster Design Workshop

Welcome to a 2 x 2hrs Poster Design Workshop prior to PhD Day 2016. In this workshop we'll focus on the importance of visual communication, and how this can improve a poster's chances of reaching its intended audience.

Foto: F.H.Juell

The workshop will be hosted by Sam Bannister, graphic designer, and senior lecturer at Westerdals, Oslo school of Arts, Communication and Technology.

Time and course content

First session (March 8th, 1pm - 3pm ) Explanation of basic rules and guidelines on how to efficiently structure and balance text, photographs, graphics and diagrams in order to convey information in a clear and concise manner. 

Second sesion (April 5th, 1pm - 3pm ) You'll be be divided into smaller groups, where you'll be able to discuss and critique each other's posters. The groups will be supervised by Sam, who will alternate between groups, offering advice, feedback and assistance. 

Although you'll definitely learn the most by actively participating and making a poster, this isn't mandatory. 

Sign up

Sign up for the course, deadline March 5th


Successful participants in this workshop will be given priority in taking part in the PhD day poster session on the 10th of June.


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