Workshop on Japanese research tools

The workshop provides a chance to get hands-on experience in using of the most important information resources for studies on Japan; JapanKnowledge, which provides access to a large number of Japanese sources, incl. dictionaries and reference works as well as classical text collections  as e g Gunsho Ruiju, and the archives of the newspapers Asahi Shinbun, Nikkei, The Japan Times incl. their additional financial and historical material sources. Finally new resources for Japanese studies is being introduced.

Learn how to use:

  • JapanKnowledge with many Dictionaries, Reference Works, digital books and Gunsho Ruiju(群書類従)
  • Newspaper: Asahi Shinbun
  • Newspaper: NIkkei
  • Newpaper: The Japan Times Archives - English Language Newpaper from 1897, covers Japan, East Asia, and Asia.


You can take part inn all or just some of the parts.

JapanKnowledge, JK Books, Gunsho ruiju(群書類従)

Asahi Shimbun Kikuzo II Visual

Nikkei Telecom

Japan Times Archives and questions etc.

Working Methods

Hands-on workshop by Library personal

Target Group

Students and reseachers (both for UiO and outside of UiO) who are working for Japanese or East Asia related subjects.


Naomi Yabe Magnussen (University of Oslo Library)

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