Informatics - reference work with BibLaTeX - master

After participating in this course you will be able to insert citations and produce reference lists when using LaTeX in your thesis work.

Learning outcomes

You learn:

  • about different reference types
  • about different reference styles
  • to build a BibLaTeX database of references
  • to enter different reference types in the database
  • to reuse references from different net resources
  • to include citations in your LaTeX document
  • to generate and include the references list in your LaTeX document

Working methods

The course is hands on. Under instruction you do two exercises

  • building a BibLaTeX database
  • using the database in a LaTeX document

The course includes a booklet that might be used for self study. There is a Local guide to BibLaTeX.

Target group

Master students and other interested parties at Departement of Informatics. Some knowledge on LaTeX and the GNU Emacs text editor is recommended, but you will manage without.



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