Economics (Econ 4090) - Library course - 3rd and 9th term master

In this course we use the first 30 minutes to learn to use the basic functions in Macrobond statistical database and some other central statistics databases. The next 45 minutes we go through the essentials of the new library search engines Oria, the most common subject databases and internet archives in economics.

Learning outcomes

After the library course you should:

  • Know the basics of Macrobond and some other central statistical sources
  • Know how to find books and journals of high relevance and quality
  • Know how to use the most common databases and internet archives in Economics

Working methods

It is recommended that all participants in this course have some ideas what to write about in their masters thesis. We use the learning by doing approach so that all student should be able to start searching for statistics and literature in their choosen subject immediately after the course.

Target group

This course is for 3rd term students at Master's economics and 9th term students at the 5 years master's degree programme. Instructions will be in English and Norwegian. Registration is required, see right column.


Pål M. Lykkja (subject databases), academic librarian in human geography and economics. Contact details

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