Welcome to the start of a new semester at the library

During the first week of the semester you will meet the library, either on a tour of the University, at information meetings or at a stand on campus.

Photo: Fredrik Hovind Juell

Come to one of our 21 libraries and find out how we can help you through your studies at the University of Oslo.

5 tips to getting started

Borrow books and renew them online

You can borrow books and curriculum litterature at the library, free of charge. Search for the books in uio.oria.no, pick them up from the shelf and borrow. The lending period is normally 4 weeks, curriculum litterature has a shorter period. You can renew your loans yourself in Oria.

Read online with remote access

As a student at the University of Oslo you have access to thousands of electronic books, journals and research articles, no matter where you are.

Get help with searching and writing

We help you search in the most efficient way, and give you good advice on how you can make your thesis better. Sign up for a course, or ask for help at the library! 

Study at the library

In our 21 libraries there are study rooms, group rooms and quiet study areas. Find your favorite place right from the start and establish good study habits.

It is happening at the library

Academic lectures, popular science stand-up shows, live radio programs, exhibitions; meet other students and researchers at library events.

Published Aug. 9, 2016 10:38 AM - Last modified Aug. 9, 2016 10:38 AM