Research Bazaar: Introduction to small and easy to use Point of view (POV) cameras for researchers on the move

The course will give examples of small and easy to use video and audio recorders for researchers with small (but specific) needs.

We will start out with a brief general presentation of typical recording systems (single and multicam solutions in use at TLVlab), and subsequently focus more on small specialized cameras and audio recorders.

The course takes a hands-on approach, giving participants the possibility to discuss different use cases and seeing and handling typical equipment:

  • specialized cameras like GoPro and Zoom recorders;
  • using microphones
  • wireless microphones and frequency challenges;
  • boundary microphones with preamp and phantom power needs and so on

Topics related to organising the resulting data, e.g. establishing procedures for moving data off the camera and onto encrypted storage will also be considered.

Registration closed

Target audience

Graduate students and other researchers.


No particular requirements.


Torgeir Christiansen and Bjørn Sverre Gulheim  Dept. of Teacher Education and School research.


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