The 3D's of modern research: Digital, Digital, Digital? Research Bazaar opening event

Is digital competence essential when you do research? If so, what digital skills does the young researcher of 2018 need? Is 3D design the new academic silver bullet? Join us for the opening of the 2018 Research Bazaar in Oslo to learn more.

UiO-Rector Svein Stølen will open the event, and will then be 3D scanned while Torbjørn Helgesen from Fellesverkstedet will take the hype out of 3D-printing. Sunniva Rose will follow on to discuss aspects relating to digital skills development in academia. 

Coffee, tea and a light lunch will be served.

The event is streamed live


  • Welcome by Lex Nederbragt
  • Opening speach by Rector Svein Stølen
  • To scan a Rector - live 3D-scanning on stage
    • The rector’s head will be scanned to make a bust using a 3D printer. During the rest of Research Bazaar the festival his bust will take part in several workshops.
  • "Practical use of 3D printing" with Torbjørn Nordvik Helgesen  
  • "Digital skills: hype or the future?" with Sunniva Rose

The event and following 3D printing will be streamed.

About the speakers

Torbjørn Nordvik Helgesen

Torbjørn Nordvik Helgesen is a teacher at Kuben Upper Secondary and works as a freelance engineer and fabricator, doing a variety of work, mainly CAD modeling, metal casting, welding, 3D printing and CNC milling. He has previously 3d printed his own bustHe is also an assosiate of Fellesverkstedet, a "shared workshop" in Oslo where you can make almost anything

Sunniva Rose

Sunniva Rose has a PhD in nuclear physics from the University of Oslo. For her doctoral work she investigated how we can use the element thorium as fuel in nuclear power stations and how this can contribute to reducing nuclear waste. She currently works as assistant director of Center for Computing in Science Education. The goal of the CCSE is to include computing as a natural tool for all science and engineering students from the first semester of their undergraduate studies.

About Research Bazaar

The aim of Research Bazaar is to provide researchers with digital skills and tools that will make their research better, faster and smarter. Check out the full programme.

Published Jan. 22, 2018 11:19 AM - Last modified Feb. 7, 2018 11:11 AM