Research Bazaar: Linkable data, linked data, Text Encoding and the need for well-defined conceptual models in the Digital Humanities

Workshop on ontologies and conceptual models.

Reproducibility of results is a core concept in all research. There is an increasing requirement from funding bodies like EU and research councils to make scientific data available in digital form  for reuse.

Linked Data offers a simple and easy way to publish data in an open and uniform interface enabling others to link scholarly and scientific data sources. Thus, Link Data should be ideal for building digital scientific resources.

The programmatic slogan of Semantic Web and Linked Data community is  “Anyone can say anything about anything”. From a scientific point of view, this is not satisfactory. Information is generated through exclusion using meaningful distinctions according to a common conceptual model or formal ontology. Thus meaningful information integration using the Linked Data mechanism requires a common conceptual model for the context in question.

Workshop outline

  1. Introduction to conceptual modelling and ontologies,  Linked/able Data and  encoded texts
  2. Event oriented modelling and data integration.  An introduction to CIDOC-CRM (ISO211/27): background, purpose, design principles.
  3. A short introduction to the family of CRM-extensions and especially the FRBRoo, an object oriented version of the library model FRBR. FRBRoo is a more detailed model for intellectual works and can be used for modelling metadata visual and performing arts, some examples

The workshop will be a tutorial with an active conversation between the participants and the workshop leader.  

Registration closed

Target audience

The workshop is open for all.


Some knowledge of Linked Data and modelling is an advantage. The examples are mostly taken form the cultural heritage sector.


Christian-Emil Ore, University of Oslo


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