Research Bazaar: Quantitative Video analysis for Qualitative Research

This workshop will give an overview of video visualization and analysis.

The workshop will use quantitative tools, but is primarily targeted at researchers interested in qualitative analysis. This includes visualization techniques such as motion videos, motion history images, and motiongrams; techniques that in  different ways allow for looking at video recordings from different temporal and spatial perspectives. It also includes some basic computer vision analysis, such as extracting quantity and centroid of motion, and using such features in analysis.

The participants will learn to use the Musical Gestures Toolbox for Matlab, which is a collection of high-level modules for easy generating all of the above mentioned visualizations and analysis.

Registration closed

Target audience

Graduate students and other researchers.


Participants should bring a laptop to work on. If you do not have Matlab installed, it is possible for UiO employees to run Matlab in their browser using UiO programkiosk


Access the Musical Gestures Toolbox for Matlab


Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion


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