Research Bazaar: Typesetting in LaTeX

(Full, with waiting list)

This course gives an introduction to typesetting technical documents using LaTeX.

LaTeX is a free, platform independent typesetting software for producing professional documents, and functions as an alternative to "what you see is what you get"-word processors. It produces documents of high quality, and is especially suited for typesetting technical documents. LaTeX offers the best support for typesetting mathematical expressions.

Further remarkable strengths of LaTeX are its cross-referencing capabilities, its automatic numbering and generation of lists of contents, figures and tables, indexes, glossaries, and bibliographies.

In this course you will learn:

  • text manipulation and document structure;
  • cross-referencing and bibliographies;
  • figures and tables;
  • organizing large documents.

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This course is aimed at students and researches, and tailored to those with little to no experience in the subjects taught. The material will be taught using the online LaTeX-platform ShareLaTeX


Martin Helsø, dept. of Mathematics

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