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Studentslippet - Café at the End of the Universe 

One day only! During this year's Studentslipp, you can visit the University Library's pop-up café and sci-fi tribute; Café at the End of the Universe. We will be serving sustainable snacks and drinks, iconic movies and books, music and a great atmosphere.

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  • Take the ultimate "Which sci-fi hero are you?" test
  • Create your own sci-fi button
  • Taste the drinks from Villbrygg and sustainable snacks from the sea
  • See iconic scenes from sci-fi movies
  • Browse a sci-fi book (feel free to borrow one)!

The event is part of Studentslippet 2019.

Green action

We want to promote a sustainable university library that stays updated on current events and take the environmental issue seriously. Furthermore, we wish to welcome new students so that they can get to know what we can offer during their studies. The library works with dissemination to spread knowledge, start important discussions, and to create a safe environment. Many of our events have an element of recycling and focus on using the resources we already have. For this year's Studentslippet we wish to reinforce this element, and intensify the knowledge about sustainability even more.

About Villbrygg

Villbrygg is a hand brewery in Oslo that produces a wide range of fermented, natural beverages without alcohol or with a low alcohol percentage. At Studentslippet they will be selling futuristic, non-alcoholic drinks made with organic ingredients and wild vegetables. Don't miss out!

Academic and social events at the library

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