Research Bazaar 2019: Get smart with research data

The Research Bazaar is a worldwide festival for researchers, by researchers, aimed to help make research faster, smarter and better. The focus is on digital skills and tools important for modern-day research.

The theme chosen for 2019 is:

Get smart with research data

The workshops will be hands-on, interactive, with lots of practice, rather than one-way lecturing.


Please note that there are several concurrent workshops each day and a few of the workshops are all-day workshops, so check the time before signing up for more than one.

Registration is now closed.

Tuesday January 8th

Time Session Location
09:00-16:00 Learn Deep-Learning with Python (two day workshop)

GSH: Linken

Wednesday January 9th

Time Session Location
09:00-16:00 Learn Deep-Learning with Python (two day workshop)

GSH: Linken

09:00-12:00 Using SSH for remote logins NHA: 126
13:00-16:00 Get (even) smarter with the Unix Shell NHA: 126
13:00-16:00 Using cameras as a researcher - from GoPro to multi camera VB: 123

Thursday January 10th

Time Session Location
09:00-16:00 Using ArcGIS in Research - Cancelled! VB: IT-auditorium 3
09:00-16:00 Making your computational science reproducible with containers

GSH: Linken

09:00-16:00 Introduction to Automatic and Scalable Machine Learning with H2O and R (intermediate) NHA: 126
09:00-16:00 Using Jupyter Notebook with Bokhylla as corpus NHA: UE32
09:00-12:00 Publication ready scientific reports and presentations with Jupyter notebooks VB: 123
13:00-16:00 Getting started with Open Science Framework VB: 123
16:00-19:00 Research Bazaar pub! Join us for pizza and quiz! VB foyer

Friday January 11th

Time Session Location
09:00-16:00 Hands-on Workshop: Exploring Research Data with Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking

GSH: Linken

09:00-16:00 Exploring and Analyzing Network Data with Python – for Humanities Researchers VB: 123
09:00-12:00 Gain insight - Creating interactive dashboards with bokeh to process your data NHA: UE32
10:00-12:00 Rayyan: A free, collaborative application to support undertaking systematic reviews NHA: UE26

Target audience

PhD candidates, young researchers and students but the event will be open for anyone interested.


If you have questions about contributing to the Research Bazaar please contact us:

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