Get (even) smarter with the Unix shell

How to be more efficient and smarter when using the Unix shell.

Time and place 

January 9th 2019, 13:00-16:00, Niels Henrik Abels hus, room 126

Sign up by January 4th

Subjects covered

This will be an interactive, partly scripted, participatory live coding/demo workshop where everyone, including the organisers, will learn at least one new thing about the Unix shell. Examples of what will be taught are: 

  • making your life easier with aliases
  • moving around folders faster
  • finding files and folders
  • smarter ways to inspect files
  • check how much resources your programs use

And much more. We hope to receive many suggestions from the participants also.


A laptop.

Basic Unix knowledge, at least what at the level of is taught in the Software Carpentry Shell lesson. The workshop will be more useful for people that use the shell regularly, but that is not a requirement.

Target audience

Researchers and others that use the Unix shell regularly.


Lex Nederbragt (Department of Biosciences, UiO), Michel Heeremans (Department of Geosciences, UiO) and Athanasia Monika Mowinckel (Department of Psychology, UiO)


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