Making your computational science reproducible with containers

Time and place 

January 10th 2019, 09:00-16:00, Georg Sverdrups hus, room Linken

Sign up by January 4th

Subjects covered

Linux containers, with the build-once-run-anywhere approach, are becoming popular among scientific communities for software packaging and sharing. Docker is the most popular and user friendly platform for running and managing Linux containers. Singularity is a platform for deploying light-weight containers for HPC systems. This workshop is mainly a hands-on tutorial that is organized as follows:

  • Overview of the Linux containers technology
  • Installing Docker
    • Building and managing Docker containers
    • Advanced Docker features, e.g. Docker Swarm and Docker Compose 
  • Installing Singularity
    • Building and managing Singularity containers
    • Singularity on Abel


Basic knowledge of Linux. It is recommended to attend the SSH workshop in advance, if needed. Laptop with SSH access. For Windows, PUTTY needs to be installed.

Target audience

Open for all, but maybe mainly for researchers and post graduate students.


Abdulrahman Azab (University Center for Information Technology - USIT)


Research Bazaar @ UiO

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