Exploring and Analyzing Network Data with Python – for Humanities Researchers

Time and place 

January 11th 2019, 09:00-16:00, Vilhelm Bjerknes hus, room 123

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Subjects covered

The workshop uses a lesson from The Programming Historian to introduce humanities researchers to historical network analysis.

In many humanities disciplines, researchers will come across networks: personal networks, correspondence networks, literary networks, to name just a few. But analysing these networks and drawing conclusions from the data and visualisations doesn't come naturally and following an online-tutorial on your own often turns into a frustrating exercise in googling jargon and trying to make sense of code and data that is unintelligible.

In this workshop, we will cover how to use the NetworkX package for working with network data in Python and how to analyse humanities network data. We will look into network structure and path lengths, important or central nodes, and communities and subgroups.


For help with setup and installations, please contact the workshop host in good time before the workshop.

Target audience

Researchers from the humanities, including but not limited to history, literary studies, cultural studies. The workshop is open for anyone on any level of education who has a keen interest in learning about network analysis.


Annika Rockenberger (The National Library of Norway), Anne Fouilloux (UiO), Ana Costa Conrado (UiO)


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