Rosseland lecture 2018: Our life-giving star, the Sun - could it contribute to climate change?

Lecture by Professor Dr. S.K. Solanki, Director and Scientific Member at Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research.

The Sun is a normal star, but being the centre of our solar system, it provides the Earth with the energy needed to support life. Without its life-giving rays, the Earth would be a bleak and inhospitable place.

The Sun is also a restless star. It shows a wide variety of transient or active phenomena, such as dark sunspots, the continuously changing hot corona, energetic flares and immense coronal mass ejections, together with the associated output of energetic radiation and particles. The single quantity that is responsible for the continuing unrest of the Sun is its tangled and dynamic magnetic field. It produces these and many more fascinating phenomena, including the changes in the Sun's radiative output, which has been invoked as a source of solar influence on the Earth's climate.

After an introduction to the Sun and its magnetic field, a short history of solar activity will be given and how that relates to the changing climate on Earth. Finally, the question is considered to which extent the Sun is responsible for the global warming seen in the last century.

Sami K. Solanki

The Rosseland Lecturer 2018 is Prof. Dr. S.K. Solanki. Degree in physics ETH Zurich (1982), doctorate ETH Zurich (1987), Habilitation in astrophysics ETH Zurich (1992), Professor of Astronomy Oulu/Finnland (1998), Minnaert Professor Utrecht/The Netherlands (1999), Director and Scientific Member at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (since November 1999), formerly Max Planck Institute for Aeronomy (until June 30, 2004), Honorary Professorship ETH Zurich (2001), Honorary Professor Technical University Braunschweig (2003), Distinguished Professor Kyung-Hee University, Korea (2009).

The event will be streamed live

The Rosseland Lecture

The Rosseland Lecture is held annually by the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo, in memory of Norway’s foremost astrophysicist, and founder of our institute, Professor Svein Rosseland (1894 – 1985). The Rosseland Lecturers are internationally renowned, outstanding astrophysicists. The Rosseland Lectures hold a semi-popular level and are open for all.




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