Borrowed(4)Use Mobile

Ines Junge, Informatics

Poster abstract

Borrowed(4)Use Mobile Transitioning to a circular economy with Sustainable Technology and Interaction Design (STaID)

This poster illustrates a proposal for a circular mobile phone design based on single-use practices. Taking a product lifecycle perspective in my research, I elaborate ways in which end-of-life and design/invention can be linked. A historical artefact, the single-use camera, is used to model this link. Its ostensible single-use design and practices resemble what I call a ‘borrowed for use’ scenario, which I superimpose onto the mobile phone. In this proto-practice - a not-yet-existent but desirable future (best) practice – also the ‘soft matter’ plays a vital role, as both the ‘physical’ in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), as well as the ‘immaterial’ in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) are important for designing for the circular economy (CE).
Together with further proto-typical scenarios for future design, such proto-practices enlarge and intervene the potential design space, thus may inspire the sustainable design of (digital) artefacts. It is a call for thinking of more extreme, i.e. seemingly unattainable, far-fetched goals in Sustainable Technology and Interaction Design (STaID). In order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and similar calls for sustainable futures, such thinking about design is both innovative and necessary.


Published Oct. 8, 2019 12:27 PM - Last modified Oct. 8, 2019 12:27 PM