GEO-Wednesday: Earth’s History of Changing Sea Level

Earth’s History of Changing Sea Level. Lecture by Professor Clint Conrad, Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED)

Image contains: Sky, Body of water

Sea level presents a fundamental boundary on our planet, for geological processes, biological species, and human society. It is therefore important to understand how this boundary can change with time. Geophysicist Clint Conrad will discuss the history of sea level change on Earth by examining records that have spanned supercontinental cycles, ice ages, and human industrial development. He will discuss the different interdisciplinary processes that are responsible for these observed changes. Understanding these processes can help us to understand Earth’s history of sea level change, and can help us to prepare for the sea level rise that our children will experience during their lifetimes.

The event is open for all. Coffe and snacks will be served.

The event will be live streamed

GEO Wednesday

Once a month in the relaxed atmosphere of the Science Library geoscientists at the University of Oslo will present their research and thereby introduce geosciences to a wide audience, from first year Bachelor students to curious colleagues at the university. It is possible to ask questions after the presentations.

The talks are in Norwegian or in English.
Waffles and coffee/tea will be served.

All are welcome!

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