GEO-Wednesday: Sinking into the Earth’s mantle

This month Valentina Magni, researcher at CEED, will give an overview of what we know about subduction and how we can study it.

Image contains: Sky, Volcano and smoke

Subduction zones are regions where a tectonic plate moves under another and sinks into the Earth’s mantle. Direct consequences of subduction are not only the presence of volcanoes and the occurrence of earthquakes, but also the formation of mountain belts, the movement of tectonic plates and the opening of new oceans. In other words, subduction, and more generally plate tectonics, is shaping our planet and knowing how it works is key to understand how the natural processes related to it work as well.

Do you have any questions for Valentina you can ask them before the talk. Just PM the questions to us.

The event will be live streamed

Published Apr. 22, 2020 9:31 AM - Last modified Nov. 25, 2021 9:23 AM