Poster session PhD day - Guidelines and practicalities

Grab the opportunity to reach out with your research in the foyer of the Science Library!

PhD Day 2021

Ill: Linn Katrine Hirsti

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Science Library invites all PhD candidates at the MN Faculty to participate in the Poster session on PhD Day 2021 October 28th. Prize for Best poster is NOK 6000, and prize for Audience choice is NOK 4000.

Reach out with your research

Grab the opportunity to reach out with your research in the Science Library! If your abstract is accepted, your poster will be on display for students, fellow PhD candidates, professors, faculty members and possible future employers on PhD Day 2021! This is a unique chance for you to disseminate your research to a wide audience and to show that PhD candidates at the MN Faculty, the University of Oslo, care about science communication!


Assessment criteria

The posters accepted for participation on PhD Day 2021 will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • Overall Impression
  • Images, Charts & Graphs
  • Design & Layout
  • Conveying Content

We’re evaluating the poster, not the research: Posters will not be assessed based on the quality of their actual content. 

Target audience for the poster: All UiO students and staff, as well as visitors from the general public and press.

Scientific posters often tend to be content-heavy, making them somewhat foreboding to those outside the specific field of research. Although it is not an explicit requirement, when planning your poster you might wish to consider whether the focus of your work can be simplified in order to communicate efficiently to a broader audience. Keep in mind that the target group for this poster session is a broad audience, not necessarily familiar with your field.

A good poster should typically be able to lure and capture the attention of its viewers, through the use of any combination of striking imagery, illustration or text. It ought also to have a clear and logical structure, making it easy for the reader to follow a hierarchy of information from beginning to end.


    The poster session will take place in the east foyer in the Science Library.

    Registration and abstract submission

    • Register here by submitting an abstract limited to 250 Words.
      • Registration is closed

    • Deadline: Tuesday October 11th at 9 am. 
    • To be accepted for the poster session, your abstract needs to be understandable for the members of the jury, and the abstract should preferably reflect an IMRaD-structure (Introduction Material and methods Results and Discussion).
    • We do not require that the results you present in your abstract and poster are previously unpublished.
    • NB! The number of posters that will be exhibited is limited, and you will get feedback on your abstract from the jury on October 14th.

    Poster submission

    • If your abstract is accepted, you must upload a file with your poster in the registration form.
    • Deadline for submitting the poster file: Monday October 25th at 9:00 am.
    • Size: A0, 1 page. NB! We only accept posters in portrait format.
    • File type: .pdf or .ppt.


    • You are expected to participate and present your poster on PhD Day 2021 October 28th.


    • Note that the award ceremony will take place during Real Moro in Sophus Lies Auditorium!
    • Best poster - NOK 6000.
    • Audience choice - NOK 4000.

    Further questions? Send them to



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