Open Science Lunch: Deciding which studies to replicate

Learn what study replications are and how to choose research studies to replicate.

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About the topic

Replication – repeating a study procedure in a new sample to see if we get the same results – is an important but often neglected part of scientific inquiry. Fortunately, researchers are beginning to devote more time to replication research, and replications are becoming easier to fund, conduct, and publish than ever before. However, most studies in the literature have never been replicated. If you are considering replicating studies in your field, you may find that there are tens, hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of non-replicated studies to choose between. Which should you focus on? What makes a study important to replicate, and how do we decide which studies are most important to replicate?  

Grab you matpakke and join us for a short presentation on replication study selection by Dr Peder Mortvedt Isager from Oslo New University College, and for an open Q&A session afterwards!

How to join

The event is open to everybody and will take place on-site at the Digital Scholarship Center, Georg Sverdrups hus, 1st floor (register here for in-person attendance) as well as online on Zoom (click here to join).

About Open Science Lunch

Each last Thursday of the month at 12.00 we invite you to join us virtually for an online open lunch to hear about how to make your research more open. We will discuss research transparency and visibility, open publishing, data sharing, and more! After each short presentation we will have a Q&A session, where you can ask questions or try yourself some of the tools and solutions we will present!

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Published Aug. 15, 2022 3:54 PM - Last modified Sep. 21, 2022 5:13 PM