Onsdagsfilmen: An Ecology of Mind

How are things interrelated? “What pattern connects the crab to the lobster,” muses anthropologist, philosopher, and systems theorist Gregory Bateson in this award-winning film, the making of filmmaker Nora Bateson’s tribute to her late father.

A child and an old man

This is an inspiring, meditative film that gives us a larger glimpse into our place within nature and the cosmos, asking us to consider: What pattern connects art to science, and the cave to the universe, and all of that to us? Gregory Bateson is one of the 20th century psychology’s most influential figures, as he has contributed the concept of the double-bind. This film is the best way to familiarize ourselves with his legacy. 

Director: Nora Bateson (2010).

Book cover. A child and a monkey standing in front of a windowEthnographic film seminar

The screening is a cooperation between the University Library and Ethnographic film seminar / Associate Professor Theodoros Rakopoulos. This semester's theme is: Elegies: films on absence, loss and understanding.

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