Onsdagsfilmen: Chronicle of a Summer

"It’s one of the greatest, most audacious, most original documentaries ever made" writes Richard Brody in The New Yorker.  Chronicle of a Summer is a documentary about the everyday lives of ordinary Parisians, done in the style of cinéma vérité, filmed in 1961.

“Are you happy?”, this film ask passers-by in a summer day in Paris. As anthropologist Rouche says, this is “an experiment in cinéma vérité,” a term that Edgar Morin had coined in that period – and a film genre that peaks with this film. Somewhere between visual ethnography, participatory documentary and social investigation, the film does what newspapers do: chronicle.

The social reality as experienced by Parisians is investigated in witty, unexpected ways, in one of the most original and important documentaries of all time. The passing of time leaves a missing and a loss behind - unless and until it is chronicled. 

Directors: Jean Rouche & Edgar Morin (1961)

Read more about the film in Richard Brody's arrticle The Extraordinary "Chronicle of a Summer" in The New Yorker.

Ethnographic film seminar

The screening is a cooperation between the University Library and Ethnographic film seminar / Associate Professor Theodoros Rakopoulos. This semester's theme is: Elegies: films on absence, loss and understanding.

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