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It's Writers' Night at the Library!

Do you need help with your research paper or writing assignment? Are you unsure about the references for your thesis? Do you suffer from writer's block, or maybe you're wondering about how to write "academically"? Or do you simply need some inspiration and a good writing session together with other writers? Welcome to Writers' Night!

Writers' Night at the Library.

Writers' night is open to all students at the University of Oslo, including bachelor-, master- and PhD-students.

At Writers' Night you are welcome to spend time at the University Library until midnight. You can focus on your own writing and write together with others. Writing specialists and peer consultants are available to discuss your writing with you. You can also participate in workshops and listen to lectures to get inspired.

Don't forget a pen, your papers and your computer. If you're staying the whole evening, it is smart to bring food and drink. We will serve coffee, tea and some snacks.



Scene HumSam

17.00 Introduction to Writers’ Night + Shut up & Write


18.00–18.30: PostIT-workshop

Åsmund Eikenes, Academic Writing Centre

Are you open to testing new techniques to write your paper? Do you need help to organise the results in the right order? Welcome to a 30 minute PostIT-bonanza!


18:30 – 23:00 Writing workshop

Bring your writing and talk to a writing mentor 


Skriveoasen, ground floor

19:30 – 20:00 How to write “academically” at the UiO

Ingerid Straume, Academic writing centre

Do you put a lot of effort in your assignments without the expected results? Do you struggle to understand the feedback from your teachers? This brief introduction will help you make sense of the – often implicit – criteria for assignment writing at the University of Oslo.


20:15 - 20:45 Sentence-level revision for concision and clarity

Frank Azevedo, copy editor and writing instructor

Sentence-level revision for concision and clarity: Tips for identifying and fixing inconsistencies and wordy and unclear passages in your manuscripts.


Drop-in-help at the writing centre 

Endnote-help (18-20)

Øystein Haug & Mads Baklien, Library of the Humanities and the Social Sciences

Zotero (19:15-20)

v/ Pål Magnus Lykkja, Library of the Humanities and the Social Sciences


18:00 - 23:00 Shut up & Write i designated area  

Writing by the clock together with others (45 min writing, 15 min break, 45 min writing and so forth). Bring your writing assignments and laptop. Coffee and tea during the breaks. 

Kaffe, te & snacks from 7 pm


Academic writing centre and the University Library welcome you to Writer's Night! Photo: Sophie C. Barth/UiO.


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