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Six years before the Egyptian revolution of January 2011, many young Egyptians had resorted to blogging as a means of self-expression and literary creativity. This resulted in the emergence of a new literary genre: the autofictional blog. Welcome to the launch of Teresa Pepe's new book: Blogging from Egypt.

Cover image in many colours, showing a scene from a city environment

Cover image by Qarm Qart.

In this new book by Teresa Pepe, these blogs are explored as forms of digital literature, combining literary analysis and interviews with the authors.

The blogs analysed give readers a glimpse into the daily lives, feelings and aspirations of the Egyptian youth who have pushed the country towards a cultural and political revolution. The narratives are also indicative of significant aesthetic and political developments taking place in Arabic literature and culture.

In the years that preceded and followed the 2011 revolution, the Egyptian blogosphere emerged as an ideal space for literary innovation. Blogging From Egypt offers an invaluable insight into this output, thus helping us understand the cultural roots of the revolution as well as its far-reaching impact, beyond political setbacks.

Richard Jacquemond
Professor of modern Arabic literature, Aix-Marseille Université


  • Teresa Pepe will introduce the book and read some excerpts. 

  • Joakim Parslow, Associate Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at IKOS and Director of the Center for islamic and Middle Studies will chair the event, and open the discussion. 

  • Stephan Guth, Professor in Arabic Studies at IKOS will contextualise the book in the field of Arabic literary studies. 

  • Questions from the audience. 

The event is open to all, no registration required. Light refreshments.



Cover image in many colours, showing a scene from a city environment. And the authorTeresa Pepe is Associate Professor in Middle East Studies at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, UiO. 

She obtained her PhD in Middle Eastern Studies and Literature from the University of Oslo in 2014  with the thesis “Fictionalized Identities in the Egyptian Blogosphere”.  



Read more about the book at Edinburgh University Press.


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