DH-forum: R and accessing the Norwegian parliamentary data

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About the event

Martin Søyland is a postdoctoral Fellow at the Departement of Political Science, University of Oslo. He will explain how to retrieve data from the Norwegian parliament through the package "stortingscrape". The package may be found at the Cran project and GitHub.

In this presentation, Martin Søyland will discuss the problems with retrieving data from Stortinget. The R package "stortingscrape" offer a solutions for easily extracting data from Stortinget. He will explain the philosophy and scope of "stortingscrape", and showcase some examples of how to use the package.

The Norwegian parliament produce a lot of data that are made available at stortinget.no. Within these data, there is a great deal of untapped potential for political analyses for multiple disciplines over a large range of topics. Be it through frontend websites or back-end APIs, researchers on parliaments have never had easier access to large amounts of data than they do now. However, both frontend and API scraped data often come in formats (.html, .xml, .json, etc) that require substantial structuring and pre-processing before they are ready for subsequent analyses.

The R package "stortingscrape" aims to make this process easier for both researchers and students by offering a set of functions that simplifies data retrieval from Stortinget while still preserving user agency. The main goal of "stortingscrape" is to allow researchers to access any data from the Norwegian parliament easily, but also still be able to structure the data according to ones need. Most importantly, the package is facilitated for weaving together different parts of the data.stortinget.no API. In sum, "stortingscrape" makes the process of selecting, accessing, and structuring data from Stortinget accessible for a large range of scholars over various disciplines.

What is Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities is the use of digital tools and methods in humanities research. The term is relatively new, but it is a field that has been researched and taught in Norway for close to forty years.


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Published Sep. 16, 2022 10:19 AM - Last modified Sep. 19, 2022 1:55 PM