Library Day

We are pleased to invite all new PhD fellows from the Faculty of Social Sciences to a day full of lectures that will be helpful in the early phase of the PhD journey.

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We will start with an introduction to how you can find and use our catalog Oria and how to find and use the selection of international journal- and media databases. The Digital Scholarship Centre will join us and introduce their research support services. We continue with courses in advanced and systematic literature search, and research data management. Bring your laptop and join us for Library Day. 

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10:15 – 11:15
Introduction to the library services and databases in social sciences
In this lecture, we will guide you through how you can use the library services in the PhD process. We will show you how to search in our discovery tool Oria, and where to find relevant subject specific databases and international media databases, what they cover and basic knowledge of how to perform searches in them. We also will introduce Digital Scholarship Centre and our services in research support. 
Working methods: Lecture with practical examples and Q&A session 
Lecturers: Ragnhild Sundsbak and Marianne Inez Lien, Department of research services, Humanities and Social Science Library, University of Oslo

11:15 – 11:45
Lunch break

11:45 – 13:45
Course in advanced literature search
Knowledge of how to conduct a literature search has become increasingly important for several reasons. It provides a foundation of knowledge, it prevents duplication of research, helps you to identify knowledge or research gaps, and it gives you an opportunity to position your own research within the context of existing studies. In this section, we will go through the process of diverse types of literature searches and their purpose. Furthermore, you will be familiar with more advanced search techniques and how to use them. We also will go through how to utilize the functions in the databases for social sciences.
Working methods: Lecture with practical case examples and Q&A session 
Lecturers: Johanne Longva and Glenn Karlsen Bjerkenes, Department of research services, Humanities and Social Science Library, University of Oslo 

13:45 – 14:00

14:00 – 16:00
Course in research data management
Good research data management is increasingly important for PhD fellows. It goes beyond data protection and privacy and includes, among others, data documentation, organization, licensing, and archiving. It helps us work more efficiently with our research projects and improves reproducibility, visibility, and reuse of research data. In this course we will provide an overview of the basics of research data management following the life cycle of a PhD project. How can we organize, document, store and safely share our data? And how can PhD fellows benefit from implementing good data management practices and follow the requirements by funders and the University of Oslo? The course addresses these questions and provides an overview of the basics of research data management for PhD fellows in social sciences following the life cycle of a PhD project. You will learn how to get an overview of different data management activities and get familiar with UiO’s requirements and recommendations for research data management 
Working methods: Lecture and Q&A session 
Lecturer: Agata Bochynska, Open Research and Digital Scholarship Center, University of Oslo Library

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About Library Day

Library Day 2022 is part of the Library of Humanities and Social Sciences offer to new PhD fellows and runs in week 43 in the autumn semester and week 11 in spring semester.

Questions can be directed to Marianne Inez Lien.

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