Physics in the Library: Carlo Rovelli - The Journey to Quantum Gravity

Lecture by Carlo Rovelli, Director of the Quantum Gravity research group of the Centre de physique théorique in Marseille, France.

The ongoing search for the quantum theory of gravity, namely the quantum theory of space and time, is among the most fascinating open problems in theoretical physics. It requires us to change our understanding of space and time.  Carlo Rovelli present the state of the art of this search and discuss the conceptual implications of the ideas studied.

Akademika will be selling Rovelli's books in the foyer, and there may well be a chance to have them signed by the author. 

The event is streamed live


Physics in the Library = Sausages, physics and potato salad

Once a month, the Science Library and Department of Physics invite to a popular scientific lecture in the Science Library. Physics need to reach the people, and what is more "for the people" than sausages and potato salad? 

"Pølser, fysikk og potetsalat" ("Sausages, physics and potato salad") is the title of a book by Otto Øgrim and Helmut Ormestad. The two physicists were pioneers in dissemination of physics on radio and TV. In our version of sausages, physics and potato salad we want you to hear lectures you haven't heard before, from research fellows fresh in the world of research or professors bringing new perspectives.  




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Published Sep. 29, 2017 8:57 AM - Last modified Sep. 29, 2017 11:07 AM