Morning Beat UiO // Student Beat with Tveten & Shahab

Welcome to UiO - Student Beat. Wake up - Dance - Glitter & Play

Morning Beat provides healthy mornings filled with love and movement. What started as an event has now grown into an evolving and growing community. We welcome everyone to experience the dance floor filled with electronic music and happy dancing people in the early morning hours. Come dance with us every third Tuesday of the month, and let your body and mind feel the rush of dopamine and endorphins!


The music


Tveten AKA Aleph Naughty is a local Blindern DJ. During the day he is a PhD student in statistics, but at night, he is diligently nurturing his enthusiasm for house, techno, space disco and everything in between. Gigs in the capital has ensued, along with a set at Level 2 in Yangon, Myanmar. Wehey! Expect to be awaken by a wall of highly moveable sound.


Shahab is member of the radio show Pils & Plater and also hold his own event by the name, Mörk. With eight years of DJ-experience his musical diversity, technical flawlessness and personalized track-selection is what makes him compliment the dance floor. Signed on the Tehran based record label Shibiza Recordings. He has shown his knowledge, and been granted the trust, by playing at several Oslo venues such as The Villa and Jaeger.  Shahab also excelled in 2017 as one of the finalists in the Norwegian finals of Burn Residency. Last year Shahab had his first experience at ADE playing at 50:Hertz. Proper genuine club music will hit you on Morning Beat Beat when Shahab’s ever-restless span of house and techno is delivered.

The bar: We will be selling juice, coffee & tea

The breakfast: We will be selling light vegetarian breakfast made by SiO.

The glitter station: Come glitter up! 

Yoga / Stretching: Breathing and stretching out after dance with Zoe Ma fra Movement Arts festivalen (09.30 - 10.00)

Location: Blindern, Realfagsbiblioteket

Who are you? Dress up or dress down, we dont judge, but we love costumes and are theme based.  

Published Jan. 17, 2019 2:24 PM - Last modified Jan. 17, 2019 2:26 PM