MusicLab Vol. 2: Breath – FLOW Breathing sensing workshop

MusicLab Vol. 2 explores the concept of breath sensing and its wide range of applications from scientific to artistic. All within MusicLab’s unique blend of research and edutainment through hands-on workshops, intellectual warm-ups, performances and data jockeying.


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Workshop on FLOW™ , a wearable breathing monitor that gives you the complete picture of your breathing activity, pattern, and rate.

About FLOW

Developed by Sweetzpot,  FLOW™ is  a wearable breathing monitor that gives you the complete picture of your breathing activity, pattern, and rate.

Breathing is an accurate and responsive way of measuring your intensity, regardless of activity.  With FLOW™ users can instantly react to breathing pattern changes and adjust while performing physical activities.

About the workshop

First, participants are introduced to FLOW™ by one of the technology’s developers and led through the basics of breathing data collection. Next, they try FLOW™ through practical exercises. They then generate their own breathing visualizations and work in mini-projects involving breathing, music, and computing. Eventually, participants combine hardware and software to generate breathing patterns and visualizations. At the end of the class, participants will be able to keep their own breathing prints and visuals.

Who can attend?

The workshop is open to anyone passionate about sound, music, physical activities, and technology. Musical and academic background does not matter as long as you are ready to get in touch with new technologies and explore the possibilities of understanding more about how you breathe.

Other requirements

Bring a laptop and/or a smartphone. 

After the workshop: Concert with intellectual warm-up and data jockeying

All workshop participants are also invited to join the evening programme in the studentpub Escape (same building, one floor down).

On the evening of April 9th, researchers from the University of Oslo will be collecting breathing data from both musicians and the audience with the use of FLOW

Breathing patterns from the musicians and the audience can provide information on the level of activity involved in music performance and listening, as well as on entrainment to music, and social interactions.  After the gig we invite you to stay for a beer accompanied by data jockeying (live mixing of breathing data recorded during the performance)!

Full programme

Time Content Location
13:00 Workshop: Introduction to FLOW Informatics library
14:00 Coffee break Informatics library
14:15 Hands-on with FLOW Informatics library
16:00 Dinner for workshop participants Canteen
19:00 Evening program: Intellectual warm-up and concert Escape
20:45 Data jockeying, with live remix of breathing data collected during the concert Escape


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