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Carpentry@UiO is a community of people who are passionate in learning, teaching, and sharing best practices and digital skills for more research done with less pain or time. 

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Vision/Mission Statement

Carpentry@UiO is the UiO local relay of the international Carpentries organisation.

We are a group of volunteers from the University of Oslo and beyond. With support from the University of Oslo Library, we offer to PhD students, researchers and others at UiO, and beyond:

  • foundational coding and data science skills workshops from Software Carpentry,  Data Carpentry, and Library Carpentry
  • study Group events dedicated to open and reproducible science, knowledge sharing, re-enforcing learning or discussing new subjects for future workshops/lesson development
  • educational development and networking opportunities with the possibility to become Certified Carpentries Instructor and/or Carpentries Instructor Trainer

Our activities and community are open to any member of the UiO community including staff, faculty, and students, paid, and volunteer. We believe the Carpentries’ teaching methods are efficient and can speed up take-up toward the adoption of Open Science at UiO.

For further details of our activities, please take a look at our reports.

Check out the Carpentry@UiO Charter.

Who are we?

Carpentry@UiO board 

Carpentry@UiO community members 

Code of conduct

We follow the Carpentries’ Code of Conduct to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for our learners and our members. Any violation of our Code of Conduct should be reported, it will then be handled as quickly as possible and will remain confidential:

Join us!

Are you interested in taking part in upcoming workshops? Would you like to join as a helper, an instructor? Or will you share and learn about useful digital tools and best practice together? Please join us! 

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What is "The Carpentries"? 

The Carpentries is a volunteer organization teaching foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. It consists of the following three training programs. 

University of Oslo (UiO) is a silver member of the Carpentries.


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Software Carpentry

Software Carpentry workshops teach researchers the computing skills they need to get more done in less time and with less pain. 


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Data Carpentry

Data Carpentry workshops teach the fundamental data skills needed to conduct research. The goal is to provide researchers high-quality, domain-specific training covering the full lifecycle of data-driven research. 


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Library Carpentry

Library Carpentry workshops focus on building software and data skills within library and information-related communities. The goal is to empower people in these roles to use software and data in their own work and to become advocates for and train others in efficient, effective and reproducible data and software practices. 

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