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Visits from the Medical library

Do you wish to learn more about literature search, measuring impact factor, citation analysis and Open Access publishing? We offer custom made courses and presentations tailored to your department or research group.

Please choose from the menu below, or contact us for offers and details:
The presentation can be held at our premises or we can visit your department.

1. Making smart use of the library

An introduction to the library’s facilities and services. Learn about how to search for and order literature in Oria, and how to access our e-books and full text articles.

Duration: 15 minutes

2. Searching in PubMed

Learn about how PubMed interprets your searches, how to save searches and to get the newest research articles sent to your email account.

Duration: 15-30 minutes

3. Impact factor, citation analyses and Open Access

A short introduction to impact factor, citation analyses and Open Access publishing.
Duration: 30 minutes

4. Literature searches for Evidence Based Medicine

A short introduction to evidence based medicine and how to use the PICO model, find synonyms and search for the best available research based knowledge. McMasterPlus, UpToDate i.a.
Duration: 30-60 minutes

5. EndNote

A short introduction to EndNote. How to share your library with others.
Tid: 30-60 minutes.


These services are available to the staff at OUS and UiO, Faculty of Medicine


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