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Special purpose rooms

The library has special purpose rooms that cover a variety of needs and services.

Reading room for older material

Do you wish to look at some of our older, more valuable material? These books are not for loan, but you can use our reading room designed for this purpose. The room is situated at level 1 in the library - see map.
There is a video camera installed in the room, and it must be locked at all time, also when it's being used. A staff member will accompany you to the room when you have picked up the material at the circulation desk. 
The regulations of the library must be followed. You are also not allowed to bring any food or drink in to the room. 

Multimedia room

CD-ROM, DVD and video

To watch one of our CD-ROMs, DVDs or videos, there is a multimedia room at Level 1 for this purpose. The room can be used to watch material owned by our library, or material you have ordered through our interlibrary loan department. The room can be used within the library opening hours, and a reservation is not necessary. Contact the desk on level 1 if you have any questions or to access the room. The regulations of the library must be followed. You are also not allowed to bring any food or drink into the room.


The library has a CD-collection of about 4000 cd's. Search for CDs in Oria. CD's may not be checked out of the library, but you can listen to them in the multimedia room.

Mikrofilm and mikrofiche

The room also has equipment for reading, saving and printing from both microfilm and microfiche.


The library has a classroom (Læringsoasen) at level 2 - see map
There is also a classroom (Kursrommet - room 3529) at level 3, outside the library premises - see map.

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