Where can I find the literature?

Where can I find books and journals?

Books bought after 2007 and journals bought in 2018 can be found in The Medical Library at Rikshospitalet. This also applies to most of our special collections.

See our opening hours.

Search for books in Oria.

Books acquired more than 10 years ago are in the stacks in the Domus Medica. The collection of old medical history is in a closed collection at Domus Medica.

The oldest collection is kept in closed storage at Georg Sverdrups house at Blindern. Some of the collection has not been registerd in BIBSYS, but can be found in the database HK1 (Catalog of foreign literature published before 1966 at UBO). The librarians can help you find what you are looking for.

How can I find books and journals?


  • Books are shelved by subject after NLM (National Library of Medicine).
  • All books can normally be borrowed for a 4 week loan period.
  • Books marked with green tape can be borrowed for two weeks.
  • Books marked with yellow tape are day to day loanes, and are due before 8.30 the next day.
  • Books marked with red tape can not be borrowed.
  • Many medical works can also be found electronically.


  • Most journals are available electronic in Oria.
  • The paper journals are shelved alphabetically, and can not be lent.


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