About the writing centre

The Academic writing centre started as a project in the autumn of 2016, and was established as a permanent service in the autumn of 2018. Read on for information about the project, reviews and partners of the writing center.

Rapports and research

The writing centre has prepared a note with preparatory work, and a rapport from the project period. A research article has also been published: "Skrivesenter i bibliotek: om teorigrunnlag, identitet og legitimering". 


Review in Uniforum by Gro Bjørnerud Mo and Svein Stølen.

Reviews from users of the Academic writing centre.

Other writing centres in Norway

Other partners:

  • LINK Senter for læring og utdanning
  • Tilretteleggingstjenesten og MiFA (Mangfold i Fokus i Akademia) i seksjon for fagstøtte
  • Norsk nettverk for EAP (English for Academic Purposes).
  • Nordic-Baltic writing centre network
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